LHS Engineering System: Introduction

Welcome to LHS Engineering, where we offer a comprehensive range of infrastructure solutions tailored to the needs of Oil & Gas companies. Our Services encompass Marine and Oil plant certified platform installation, Shelter installation and maintenance, equipment procurement and installation, environment and safety compliance services, as well as expert project management and consulting.

Trust us to deliver the highest quality solutions for your industry-specific needs. Our commitment to excellence and innovation sets us apart, and we are eager to partner with you on your journey towards success.

Shelter Design and Construction

Our Shelter design and construction encompass a meticulous approach from the initial planning stages to the final commissioning. We specialise in designing shelters that safely houses O&G equipment and meets all O&G safety standards and requirements.

As a company committed to environmental sustainability and safety, we incorporate the latest technologies and practices to minimize the environmental impact of our pipeline construction projects. 


LHS Engineering System: Services

Shelter Construction and Expansion

From conceptualization to completion, our expert team ensures seamless project delivery, optimized workflows, and unwavering commitment to safety. Trust us to build and expand facilities that drive productivity, efficiency for your operations.

Platform installation and maintenance

From precise installations to proactive maintenance, we ensure safe and efficient offshore operations. Trust us to navigate the challenges of the marine environment, maximizing the longevity and reliability of your offshore assets.

Equipment procurement and installation

We source high-quality equipment tailored to your needs and seamlessly integrate it into your operations. Experience hassle-free procurement and start leveraging the benefits of top-tier equipment today.

Environmental and safety compliance services

We ensure your Oil & Gas operations meet regulatory requirements, minimize environmental impact, and prioritize the well-being of your personnel. Stay compliant, stay safe, and let us be your partner in sustainable growth.


LHS Engineering System: Project Management

Welcome to our Project Management and Consulting services, the driving force behind successful Oil & Gas engineering projects. From inception to execution, our expert team ensures precision, efficiency, and strategic guidance.

In addition to project management, our Consulting services offer invaluable insights and expert recommendations to help you make informed decisions. Our consultants have a deep understanding of the Oil & Gas sector, allowing them to identify opportunities, optimize processes, and address challenges in a way that aligns with your business objectives.

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